Bali, Indonesia

bali beach

A while ago I posted about my travels to Jakarta, Indonesia, but I didn’t ever get around to talking about the second part of our trip. To carry on with our Indonesian adventure, we flew to the island of Bali for some tropical fun and relaxation. Bali is less than a 2-hour flight from Soekarno […]

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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech was an awesome holiday! We went on a city break with Thomas Cook over a long weekend and it was fantastic! With hindsight, it would have been good to go for a little longer and visit a few other parts of Morocco (Casablanca and Fez would have been on our list), but hindsight is a wonderful thing, and […]

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Rome, Italy

Rome was our first holiday destination as a couple. What a fine choice! Rome is certainly a city for romance, and will always hold a special place in my heart. The orange houses in the centre, each with their wooden window shutters, balconies spilling over with plants nestled in ceramic pots, the buzz of the tourists as they […]

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