My Spot

Hi, my name is Claire! Welcome to my little spot on the internet, reserved for my scribbles and musings as I muddle through life.

I’m a wife, mamabeach, friend of cats, and lover of tea and sunshine!

I married my gorgeous husband Dan in a beautiful ceremony in Somerset in 2014. Our little Baby J came along a year and a half later and made our lives complete. She’s amazing.

We’ve recently tamed our flighty natures, put down some roots, and bought a house. Bang goes my dream of living in a gypsy wagon.

Uhh, what else? We share our home with a cat called George, I have an addiction to sugar, I spend far too much time on Instagram and have a habit of staying up late for no reason. I’m pretty sure those last two points are connected.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries, or just to say hello! Check out my most recent posts to see my scribbles on what’s been going on lately…

*All photos are my own unless otherwise stated and may not be used without permission