Wellbeing week 3: Review (it went wrong!)

Aaaaargh! I don’t even know what to say. Stupid healthy eating. Stupid exercise. I failed. I failed on week 3. Week 2 wasn’t great, but I thought I could redeem myself and I didn’t.

And now for the excuses…

I was putting too much pressure on myself to meet my targets. Once I started to let things slide, I gave up completely. Using the Habitbull app to track my progress was really helpful at first (when I was actually meeting my wellbeing goals) but once I started to fail, seeing all those little red circles on my screen made me want to give up completely.

Ok, so it sounds like I’m blaming Habitbull for my failure, and I really don’t mean to; it’s my inability to cut down on sugar and drag myself off the sofa to exercise which is to blame! Ugh, but I’m just so tired in the evenings! All I want to do once Baby J is asleep is put my feet up.

Also, my mum came to stay this week, so of course we went out Β for coffee and cake several times (I’m not blaming you, Mum!). It’s hard to keep to your healthy eating plans when you have people to stay. To me, having guests means there’s a requirement to provide a large selection of crisps, nibbles, cake, chocolate, wine… Oh, and don’t even mention exercising when you’re playing host – that would just be rude!

Yeah. So basically, I didn’t do very well. I stopped drinking water (no idea why really), ate fewer portions of fruit and veg than I had intended, and did no exercise whatsoever. Who knows about meeting my protein requirement? I certainly wasn’t counting!

* * * * *

Right, well. Now I’ve got that off my chest I can focus on my new, slightly altered wellbeing plan.

I’m no longer going to use Habitbull to track each target individually. It’s too much pressure and I don’t like having to answer to an app on my phone. In fact, hang on… I’m deleting it now…

There, deleted!

So, onwards and upwards! I’m going to try to stick with more or less the same targets as I started with, but I’m not going to report on each target weekly, and I won’t be publishing any meal plans. Instead, I’ll be posting positives from the week and photos of any delicious meals I might have made, along with links to recipes.

I don’t want to lose sight of what started this whole thing… looking after myself overall. Mentally, physically, socially… I want to find the balance between taking better care of myself and enjoying all aspects of life! I don’t want to keep taking my good health for granted.

So I WILL be trying to eat more fruit and veg, I WILL be drinking more water, I WILL be intending to do some exercise each week, and I WILL be trying to let my worries go a little and stay upbeat always! What I WON’T do is beat myself up if I don’t do these things.

BOOM! And so into week 4 we go… πŸ™‚

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