Wellbeing week 2: Review


Ohhhhhh. I’ll come right out with it. I fell off the wagon.

The week started kiiiind of ok, but for one reason or another, things just spiralled and it all went to pot. By Friday I was no longer meeting any of my targets and I was back with my face buried in platefuls of jam on toast.

Nutrition and water

Well I only managed to meet my 1 litre water target on two days. The rest of the time I was slurping tea and generally dehydrating. One of the annoying things I’m finding is that once the water has gone in, it has to come out again. Basically I was weeing a lot. Apparently this only happens until your body gets used to it, but gosh it’s annoying!

Despite turning back to a life of sugar (Friday morning involved three pieces of jam on toast and a quarter of a fresh cream Victoria sponge between breakfast and lunch) I have managed generally to maintain my fruit and veg intake. As long as I more or less stick to my menu for the week, it really isn’t too difficult to eat my target of 7 portions a day.

Menu plan

I tried out a couple of new recipes this week, both from the BBC Good Food magazine, and they were deeeeelicious!

Tuesday brought us Tex-Mex eggs with black beans, which we all enjoyed, although it did leave Dan and I hungry.

On Thursday we had Moroccan chickpea, squash and kale stew. This was a total win. Even Dan couldn’t fault it, despite the lack of meat on his plate. The recipe served 4 which meant I had some left over for lunch on Friday. Big thumbs up, BBC Good Food!


Aargh! This week I neglected doing any exercise, aside from a long walk on Bank Holiday Monday – ‘long’ because I got us lost. After that, things just got worse. I didn’t go for a run and I didn’t do any yoga. I don’t even know why. I just didn’t, ‘kay?!

General wellbeing

Last week I wrote about how I was disappointed that I wasn’t feeling fabulously energised after I’d tried so hard with my plan all week. This week I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed that on the days where I haven’t drunk any water or exercised, I feel more tired and lethargic than when I do. Coincidence? Wishful thinking? Maybe. Nevertheless, I think this has given me a bit of incentive to do better next week. C’mon, let’s get back on this!

I’m feeling annoyed that I couldn’t even make it through two weeks before I caved. Next week will be better. IT WILL BE BETTER!

* * * * *

Right, talking of next week, here’s my menu plan for Week 3:


Breakfast – cereal and fruit. Lunch – olive bread, cheese, fruit, salad. Dinner – chickpea, spinach, aubergine and pineapple curry with rice.


Breakfast – cereal and fruit. Lunch – egg salad, fruit, nuts. Dinner – Mediterranean tart, roasted pepper salad, tomato and onion salad.


Breakfast – cereal and fruit. Lunch – leftover Mediterranean tart, salad. Dinner – black bean enchiladas, veg, fruit.


Breakfast – yoghurt and fruit. Lunch – cheese salad sandwiches, fruit, nuts. Dinner – quiche, new potatoes, salad, fruit.


Breakfast – cereal and fruit. Lunch – egg mayonnaise rolls, salad, fruit. Dinner – veggie sausages, beans, veg, mashed potato, fruit.


Breakfast – avocado and tomato on toast. Lunch – breads, cheese, pickles, salad. Dinner – sweet potato and carrot daal, rice, veg.


Breakfast -pastries and fruit. Lunch – lunch out! Dinner – omlette, toast, veg, fruit, nuts.

Have you got any tips of how to make a plan and stick with it? Or new recipe ideas to try?

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