Bali, Indonesia

bali beach

A while ago I posted about my travels to Jakarta, Indonesia, but I didn’t ever get around to talking about the second part of our trip. To carry on with our Indonesian adventure, we flew to the island of Bali for some tropical fun and relaxation.

Bali is less than a 2-hour flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, so pretty easy to get to. We stayed at a fantastic place in Legian called The Balisani Padma Hotel, which was just a short walk from the beach. The hotel had a pool bar. A POOL BAR! It was incredible.

bali pool

Although situated in Legian, our hotel was not far from the popular tourist area of Kuta. Kuta bustles with people, and the roads are lined with shops and stalls run by locals selling their wares.

As Bali is a Hindu island, you won’t ever go far without coming across one of many sacred temples or religious floral offerings.

bali offerings

One of my favourite parts of our visit to Bali was the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. The sanctuary is home to over 700 macaques who roam the area freely. Don’t be fooled by their furry cuteness; they’re seriously naughty! We saw one monkey run off with someone’s flip flop so we decided to keep our distance. Never trust a monkey! I love this snap I took of a female macaque with her family.

bali monkey

While we were on the island, Dan, his brother and I decided to go snorkelling in the Indian Ocean. It’s pretty safe to say that snorkelling definitely wasn’t my favourite activity (I ended up really seasick), but Dan and his brother really enjoyed it and I’m sure it’s the sort of thing most people would love to do!

Once we got back to the beach, we ordered fresh coconut milk. As you can see, they’re a world away from the small brown hairy things we can buy in the UK.

bali coconut

The day before we left the island, we visited a stunning temple in Ubud called the Pura Taman Sarawati Temple. The temple is surrounded by beautiful lotus ponds with magnolia trees either side. The photo really doesn’t do it justice. Just opposite the temple is a fantastic restaurant called Cafe Lotus, which serves the most wonderful Balinese food. What a view to have when eating! bali lotus

Lastly, a photo of the food I had at Cafe Lotus, because who doesn’t like their rice to wear a hat?! This is a meal called gado-gado, wich is a peanut-based salad. Deeeee-licious.

bali rice

Have you been to Bali? If so, did you have a similar experience?

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