Wellbeing week 1: Review

Sunday! I’ve made it to the end of the first week of my wellbeing plan. It’s the first time I’ve ever managed to keep something like this up for a whole week; normally I’ll start on a Monday and will have stopped by the Tuesday evening. I’m feeling positive about this, people!

So, how has it gone? Well generally, I’d say it’s gone pretty well. Here’s my Habitbull summary for this week. (green = success, red = failure, white = not yet complete)*note all the green 😊

Nutrition and water

Meeting my daily target of 7 portions of fruits and veg was easier than expected. I think meal planing really helped with this. There have been days where it’s nearly reached bedtime and I’ve only eaten six portions, so I’ve just shovelled a few dried apricots into my mouth to reach my target. Easy!

Increasing my water intake started well, but I’ve struggled more as the week has gone on. I bought a 500ml water bottle, and it helps that I know I only have to fill it up twice to meet my target.

I’ve also managed to cut down on my sugar intake! Shock! Ok, so I’ve had a couple of gingerbread sheep, a few jammy crumpets and some veggie Colin Caterpillars, but other than that I’ve been far too full of fruit and veg to binge on biscuits.

Menu plan

Overall, my menu plan worked pretty well. I quickly grew bored of my lunch options (egg roll again?? Ugh.) so the menu for next week includes more variety. Main meals worked well, except one day where I forgot to take Dan’s meat out of the freezer to defrost (I cook separate meals; veggie for me, meaty for Dan). On that occasion, it happened to be payday, so we treated ourselves to dinner at a local pub. Win!

I’ve been scouring the new BBC Good Food magazine this weekend and I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes next week.


Exercise tailed off slightly as the week went on. I went for two runs (part of the couch to 5k program) and didn’t hate it all that much. I found a local running group and hope to join them for a run next week, however I might have bitten off more than I can chew… they run 5k each time they go out. Ehh. We will see how that goes!

On the days I’ve not been running I’ve been doing gentle yoga exercises with an app called Daily Yoga.

General wellbeing

So after trying hard to stick with my plan for a whole week, I honestly thought that by now I’d be springing out of bed in the morning, full of life, and feeling vitalised all day. This has not happened. Honestly, I don’t feel much different. I’m a little disappointed, but I’m going to persevere! I was also hoping that exercising regularly might help with my anxiety, but it doesn’t seem to have… yet. Maybe I’ll reap the benefits of all of this hard work next week.

Talking of which, here’s my menu plan for Week 2:

Do you have any healthy eating, exercise or wellbeing tips to share?

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