Happy Halloween!

We didn’t do much for Halloween this year. No dressing up, no decorating, no pumpkin carving (ok, I’ve never carved a pumpkin…whaaaa?!). This year we stayed in and ate chocolate handed out chocolate to trick or treaters. I kind of regret not dressing Baby J up as a mini pumpkin or something, but there’s always next year! The above photo is a throwback to Halloween two years ago (our pre-baby days).

So this year was the first time we’ve actually had trick or treaters! Last year we bought in a load of chocolate and nobody came. We were secretly quite glad as it meant we got to eat it all ourselves. This year on the other hand we had about eight different sets of kids coming to the door in their awesome little costumes.

Most of the kids were great; they were polite and had made a real effort with their outfits. One girl however, just stood there and waited to be given sweets. She didn’t even say anything. I was like, ‘er, are you wanting to do trick or treat?’. She then proceeded to help herself to THREE mini chocolate bars. I’ll remember your face, little girl, and next year you’ll be getting sprouts dipped in chocolate. And you can take as many of those as you like.

Anyhoo, we still have quite a few chocolate bars left over and we’re sitting here working our way through them. We’re pretty happy with the situation, I’m not gonna lie.

What did you do this Halloween? Did you dress up, go out, or hide away inside?

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