HushCush Nursing Pillow – A review

I’ve been nursing baby J for a little over ten months now and I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t always been plain sailing; I’ve had my fair share of problems to overcome (tongue-tie, poor latch, mastitis, the fist-clenching pain in the early days *shudders*) but I persevered and thankfully it got better. Having said that, I’ll never say no to anything that might improve things further…

I was lucky enough to be sent a nursing pillow by HushCush, a UK-based company who have designed a pillow with a difference. Unlike the standard U-shaped pillow, the HushCush slides over the forearm to provide comfort and support for both mum and baby.

I’ve often thought about comfort when feeding Baby J. A few things I’ve noticed when I feed her:

  1. She gets a sweaty head where she’s been lying on my arm
  2. Sometimes I get an ear print on my arm from where she’s been lying, suggesting her ear is getting squashed/suctioned to my arm!
  3. I’ve got quite skinny arms – surely that can’t be comfy for her head
  4. I sometimes get a sore back from leaning at an awkward angle

I was excited to try the HushCush pillow to see if it made a difference to Baby J’s (and my) comfort. I was given a choice of colours and went for pink (yay!) but they’re also available in blue, cream and grey.

My first impressions of the product were good. The cushion arrived in a zip-up package with instructions on how to position the baby. I would have found these useful if I had been a brand-new mum, but I just kind of put it on my arm and used it, as our feeding position is well-established now.


The fabric is strong and the cushion itself is nice and squishy, but firm enough to provide that vital support for baby. The fact that HushCush loops over your arm is really useful because once it’s on, it’s not going anywhere. The main reason I didn’t get on with a U-shaped pillow was because it would drop down if I repositioned myself or Baby J.

And the verdict? The HushCush was even comfier than I expected! Baby J nestled in to feed without hesitation, and my arm rested nicely on my lap, supported fully by the cushion. No more sweaty head, suctioned ears or bony-armed head rests for Baby J!

Size-wise, the HushCush is compact so it’s not just limited to use in the home; it can also be taken out and about. It doesn’t need to take up space in the pushchair basket either, as it has a detachable loop which attaches to the pushchair handle. Now that Baby J eats solid food, I don’t tend to breastfeed when we’re out any more but I reckon this feature would be handy for a new mum with a baby who needs more frequent feeds.

Although I wouldn’t have thought to go looking for a new nursing pillow ten months in, now that I’ve started using the HushCush I’m really glad I have it. Also, I’ll admit I made good use of the pillow myself one night, pretending to be asleep on the nursery floor while waiting for Baby J to go to sleep (and then obviously falling asleep myself because it was so comfy!).

HushCush nursing pillows have detachable and washable covers, come in one size and are available to buy for £29.95 from the HushCush website. I recommend you check them out!


*I received a nursing pillow from HushCush in exchange for a fair and honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I agree nursing pillows make a real difference, I am past those days now, but have wonderful memories of feeding mine and I loved using a pillow. Thank you also for commenting on my #TwinklyTuesday post, I am sorry you had trouble but I found all your gorgeous messages in Spam and have published one now. For some reason a few people go to spam and so I make a point of checking my spam every couple of days and retrieving them, so thank you so much! Have a beautiful day, love Mac xx#TwinklyTuesday

    1. Yay, I’m so glad you found them, your poem was so beautiful! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment, have a fabulous week xx

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