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The non-shopper’s guide to making the most of your wardrobe

I often see glossy blog posts by fashion bloggers detailing their latest shopping haul… fancy cardboard bags with tissue paper poking out so you know it’s good, perfectly matched outfits artfully arranged… you know the ones. Don’t get me wrong, I look at these posts with interest, yet I know full well I’ll never be the person writing that post.

Yeah, I do a food shop once a fortnight, and can easily spend a fortune in cafes and restaurants, but when it comes to clothes I just can’t do it.

I go on a shopping trip and come back empty-handed. I walk around clothes shops expecting things to jump out at me. They never do. I might half-heartedly tug at the sleeve of a jumper before I leave but that’s about my limit. Money also has a part to play. Come on, I’m on month eleven of maternity leave… I’m hardly rolling in it.

This got me thinking about my own wardrobe and the fact that there are jumpers in there that I’ve had for more than ten years. I wore a white cotton top this summer and I have photos of me wearing the very same thing on holiday when I was 15. To put this into perspective, I turned 30 at the start of the year.

Being a non-shopper doesn’t cause me any real issues as I’m not short on clothes, I just never have anything new. I have outfits for most occasions but there are times when I stand and gaze into my wardrobe, waiting for some kind of outfit inspiration, fed up of regurgitating the same few outfits again and again.

So, for my fellow non-shoppers who, like me, are surviving on the same old threads, I’ve written down my top three tips on making the most of your wardrobe.

  1. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Scarves are my all-time favourite. I pretty much always wear one unless it’s the middle of summer. I find scarves great for transforming the look of an outfit. A good scarf can detract from whatever’s underneath it, so those who aren’t overly observant won’t notice you’re wearing the same jumper each time you see them! Win.

Jewellery is another key player. A statement necklace over a plain top will make an outfit work. You just need a couple of these necklaces to alternate with the scarves and you’re pretty much sorted for several different looks.

Shoes are great for changing up an outfit. Skinny jeans (pretty much all I wear outside of the house) have a totally different look when paired with pumps compared to knee-high boots. Just mix it up a little.

Bags also have a role to play, although in my opinion, to a lesser degree. If you have a couple of different bags, just alternate them; it will change the overall look of your outfit. Having said that, I rarely carry a bag these days. A bank card in my back pocket and a lip balm shoved inside the changing bag will do me now.

  fashionboots     fashionshoes

  1. Organise and get tagging!

Spend time organising your wardrobe (and have a clear-out) to create space and remind you exactly what lies within. If you’re anything like me, you probably have more clothes than you realise, you just favour the same few outfits that you’re comfortable wearing. Sometimes I totally ignore the clothes in my wardrobe and go straight for the fresh washing pile. The last time I organised my clothes it made me realise just how many things I have and never wear but I’m reluctant to get rid of. Then I started outfit tagging.

Outfit tagging is something I’ve done a few times. It really opens your eyes to how little you wear certain outfits. Start off by organising your wardrobe, then slip a small square of card or paper (the tag) over the top of each coat hanger. When you wear something, remove the tag. The more you wear, the fewer tags you’ll have. If one day you can’t decide what to wear, choose something with a tag as you know that you haven’t worn it for ages. If after 6 months you have clothes with tags on, have a think about how likely you are to wear them again. Maybe it’s time to take them to the charity shop?


  1. Be social media savvy

Now that we’re living in the age of social media, this might need to be a consideration when choosing your outfits. I found this out myself when I had weddings to attend on consecutive weekends. They were in different counties; they were different circles of friends in different parts of the country. I had the perfect dress to wear and I wore it to both. This was all very well until photos appeared on Facebook of me wearing the exact same thing (dress shoes, bag – everything) alongside both brides. I don’t know why it bothered me, it probably shouldn’t, but it did a little. I guess all I’m saying is wherever you go, just assume you’ll end up on social media somewhere, so if you have two big events to attend, either make sure you wear something different to each, or really work those accessories!

Are you a non-shopper like me? How do you make the most of your wardrobe?

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  1. Ugh… I am so bad at accessorizing! Scarves were my saving grace until I moved to the Arizona desert so now I don’t even do that. I do like bags… feel a shopping trip coming on… #brilliantblogposts

  2. I’m afraid I’m not a non shopper. I’ve calmed down a lot since having my little girl but I love clothes too much!

    The tag idea is great. I can be a bit of a hoarder so this will encourage me to have a clear out!


    1. Ahhh I’m such an idiot can you tell I’m sleep deprived! Wrong tag. I meant #TwinklyTuesday haha!!

      Also I’ve just noticed your based in Norwich! I live near to Norwich

      1. Awesome! Have you been to any of the Norwich Blogger events? I went to one, but I’m a little bit out of the city now and find it hard to get to events, having Baby J 🙂

  3. This is what I need to read as I hate shopping and feel like I wear the same 5 outfits constantly. I totally agree about being social media savvy as so often you can be tempted to buy a new dress for every special occasion! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam

  4. I’m a big fan of statement jewellery to dress up an outfit! I’m a big lover of scarves too as I love pattern, but somehow they always stay hidden in my drawers, as I just forget about them! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. I live in skinny jeans too and mix it up the shoes that I wear. I agree it can totally change a look. I do love a bit of shopping though, it has moved more towards shopping for my girls than me. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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