An update on the sleep situation and some magical nursery décor

In case you read my recent post Sleep… a distant memory I thought I’d give a little update. We ended up making two changes with FANTASTIC results!

After several more nights of being awake A LOT we decided to move Baby J into the nursery. I felt really sad dismantling the cot in our bedroom, but once it was up in the nursery I started to get excited about arranging the room and creating a theme that Baby J will (hopefully) love.

After moving her into her own room there was a definite improvement. Baby J was sleeping better, I was getting up less, and she was settling back down more quickly during the night. She was still stirring a few times before midnight and waking in the early hours to feed, but would soon go back to sleep. This was a massive improvement. We were happy.

The only thing we were a bit concerned about was that Baby J might be a little cold. She simply would not stay under her blanket, and with the weather growing ever colder, we were worried she wasn’t warm enough at night. The solution? A Grobag.

Quite simply, the Grobag (so far – it’s only been three nights) has delivered sleep magic. I don’t want to tempt fate here, but we’ve gone from being up for hours in the night to sleeping for up to seven hours in one stretch. SEVEN HOURS! I’m not sure if it’s because she’s warmer or feels more secure in bed, but I would recommend a Grobag to anybody who is having baby sleep worries.

In case you’ve not come across them before, Grobags are essentially baby sleeping bags with arm holes and a head hole. No blanket needed. They’re available in different togs to suit the climate or season and come with a free room thermometer and guide to the most appropriate sleepwear for the temperature/tog combo. It really is that simple. Why we didn’t try this sooner, I don’t know. I’m aware that this is starting to sound like a sponsored post, but it honestly isn’t! I’m just really excited about the product as it’s made a big difference to our sleep! Having said that, if the GroCompany feel like winging me a free Grobag, I wouldn’t complain 😉

grobag2        grobag1

Anyhoo, with the sleep situation drastically improved, I’ve turned my attention to doing up the nursery, and it’s starting to take shape. I’ve decided on an enchanted fairy theme so I’m adding in little bits of magic, bit-by-bit. I’d like to get a tree wall sticker and some stick-on fairies and stars. I found these lovely butterflies in B&M, and picked up this cute fairy princess on a day out at Wroxham Barns.

butterflies   fairy

Do you have a theme for your nursery? What sort of thing have you gone for?

Twin Mummy and Daddy

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  1. When I was going through my shopping phase during pregnancy I alwaysss saw the grobag, but never really thought it would come in handy/ knew what it was really meant to help with; until you talk about your situation with your little one getting cold. I wonder if they do this for age 2 lol

    The fairy bedroom decor is super cute! my twin boy-girl share a room so I thought yellow was quite a unisex colour, and I put winnie the pooh wallpaper on one wall. I Haven’t really decorated it anymore than that, but I definitely feel inspired to work on it a bit now.

    1. It has completely transformed bedtime for us! She slept through again last night, from midnight to 7.30! Total game-changer. I’m pretty sure they do them in bigger sizes too, you should have a look! 🙂

      Aww, yellow is perfect for a boy and girl sharing a room! Enjoy decorating 🙂

    2. We’ve used a grobag since day one, it gave me so much peace of mind when he was a newborn that he wouldn’t suffocate under the blankets. Great post! Glad you are getting more sleep!

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