5 things I’m loving right now

Ok, so there are a few things that I’m pretty excited about at the moment.

  • These Next storage containers


I love these storage containers from the Next nursery range. A pack of two, the soft containers are ideal for storing toys away, helping with the ongoing battle to keep the nursery tidy. The larger one has a pink floral patchwork design and the smaller one has a pink rabbit on one side, with a floral design on the other.

  • My Graco Swivi Seat Booster 3-in-1
  • booster  booster2  booster3

I won this. I actually won it. It does happen! I entered a Mothercare competition on Twitter and this was my prize.

Since I already have a highchair (read my review here), a booster seat isn’t necessarily something I would’ve considered buying. However, now I have this I really love it and use it on a daily basis. Until a few weeks ago I always fed Baby J in her highchair in the living room, but lately she’s started getting more hands on – think spoon batting and flinging – so for messier meals, I set the booster seat up in the kitchen, where everything’s a little more wipe-clean.

Strapped to an ordinary chair, the Graco Swivi Seat functions exactly the same as a highchair, complete with a removable tray. Unlike a highchair however, it has different recline positions so even a newborn can use it. Another great feature is the swivel. The swivel function means I can turn Baby J to face the washing machine while I’m preparing her food, then swivel her back when lunch is ready. Seriously. To her, the washing machine on a rinse cycle is as fascinating as a gripping TV drama to you or I.

So I usually use the seat strapped to a chair, but last weekend we visited friends for lunch and took the booster seat with us. It was so handy; we had it on the floor by the table while we were eating and Baby J was really content. Win win!

  • This Arbonne hand cream


Recently I’ve noticed my hands getting a little dry. Ok, I wash them a LOT. A little while ago I was lucky enough to be given a free sample of Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème, and I have to say, it is lovely. When I put it on I feel compelled to sniff my hands, which could look weird, so it’s probably best that I only use it at home. Anyway, it smells like a combination of jelly babies and a beauty spa. Basically it’s lovely. It leaves my hands silky soft but not greasy-feeling, so I’ve been using it quite a bit.

*sniffs hands

  • This ridiculously cool baby/toddler door


My in-laws visited a Mum2Mum market a couple of months ago and picked up this awesome Fisher Price door, ideal for crawling babies. I’d never heard of a Mum2Mum market before, but it’s essentially a ‘nearly new’ baby sale. Obviously selling baby items, not actual babies. The door is in really good condition; ok, it’s missing a plastic square and a couple of balls, but this doesn’t affect it overall.

Never mind Baby J, I have had SO MUCH FUN with this thing! The door opens and closes, the window slides up and down, the post box opens, the flower spins, the clock moves, there’s a doorbell to ring, and you can change it from day to night. And the best bit? There’s a song or tune to go with each action. Luckily, Baby J loves it nearly as much as I do, and we play with it every day.

  • A change in the weather


Now don’t get me wrong here, I loooove sunshine. Sunny days make me happy, and summer will always be my favourite season. However, any sudden change in the weather is exciting, and we have definitely had that. We were lucky enough to have a warm September, but recently the weather has been colder and the nights are drawing in. It’ll soon be time to get my slippers out! Brrrrrr.

What are you loving right now?

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  1. What a lovely list of things. Well done on your win! I don’t tend to win much either, so I know the whoop whoop feeling when you do. 🙂 That door is amazing. I wish they had these when Little Button was little. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Thank you! So chuffed to win, it makes me want to enter more competitions online now I know they’re real (some of them, at least)! Yes, that door is serious fun, and probably what we’ll be spending this rainy afternoon playing with 🙂

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