*REVIEW* Mothercare Bear & Friends Highchair

Highchairs! A door opens to a whole new world! I recently purchased a Bear and Friends Highchair from Mothercare so I thought I’d write a little review for anybody who might be considering getting this chair, or is looking into highchairs in general.

Weaning has been such an enjoyable process so far (did you see my weaning post?), and the highchair is probably the most useful thing that we have to help with that. Apart from the food, obviously. And the spoon… But really, the highchair keeps Baby J in one place, strapped in and upright, which is important to prevent choking. I guess you don’t need a highchair, but personally I find it quite tricky trying to feed Baby J without one.

I first spied the Bear and Friends chair at my friend Kym’s house. I loved the little bear design and generally liked the overall look of it. I took trip to Mothercare, mainly with the intention of buying this model, but also so I could check out a few of the other highchairs currently on the market. Much as I liked Bear and Friends, I didn’t want to rush into buying the first one I’d seen.

I sat Baby J in a few of the chairs on display (are you allowed to do that?) but they didn’t seem quite as comfortable and supportive as the Bear and Friends chair, and she wobbled about a bit. Other than that, most of the highchairs seemed similar in that they featured various reclining positions, heights, removable trays and wipeable covers. Anyhoo, I went ahead and bought the Bear and Friends!


The highchair required home assembly. I managed to do this myself, though I have to say that I did struggle with the instructions. They’re made up of pictures rather than words and some of the pictures are confusing and overcomplicate things. Turns out it was far more straightforward than they had me believe.

Once I’d put the it together, I was really happy with it. The chair has six different height settings and three different recline positions.

The main part of the seat is made of a wipe-clean material with a cute design featuring a bear, a tortoise and a duck. The colour is quite neutral compared to many on the market (beige animals on a white background) which I like, as it permanently stands in our living room and doesn’t look garish at all. The chair has a padded insert shaped like a little brown bear, providing extra comfort.

The shoulder straps on the harness have extra pads which can be removed for cleaning or when they’re no longer needed. Try as I might, I found no other chair with pads on the shoulder straps. It just seems to provide that little extra support and comfort for babies who are smaller or new to a highchair. The five-point harness secures at the front and is easy to put together.

highchair2                      highchair3

The chair comes with a clip on tray which has a removable insert to make cleaning easier. While stiff to remove at first, this is a really useful feature. We’re pretty messy with feeding at the moment, so usually both the insert and main part of the tray need a good wash once we’ve finished, but I guess the aim is to just remove the insert for washing! The tray clips onto the back of the chair’s legs when not in use, which is really handy.


Another useful feature is the storage basket that clips on underneath. This is good for storing toys, spare muslin cloths, bibs and wipes.

The chair folds up to store away, but I’ve never actually needed to do this. I quite like it being out and ready to use, but if you’re short on space, it would be really useful.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Mothercare Bear and Friends Highchair. I’ve been into several baby shops since I got it, and haven’t seen anything that looks like it would match up to it, and certainly nothing as cute! As for the cost (£65.00) I think you really do get value for money; it’s not the cheapest on the market, but the cheaper chairs seem more basic in comparison.

I’ve really enjoyed starting our weaning journey with Baby J in the Bear and Friends Highchair and totally recommend it.


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