Weaning Baby J at last!

I’ve been waiting for this for ages! We finally hit the 6 month mark and started to wean Baby J. We decided to try a combination of baby-led weaning and mushy food, but so far, mushy food seems to be a hit with all of us. Baby J seems to like and accept it, and it’s an enjoyable experience for us to be able to feed her with a spoon. Sticks of cold carrot being squashed onto her feeding tray instead of going in her mouth are less fun.

Before I started the weaning process, I had very good intentions of preparing lots of nutritious meals myself, cooking things in bulk, freezing them in tiny portions, and generally being Supermum. So this hasn’t happened AT ALL. Thank goodness for Ella’s Kitchen! You’re likely to have heard of them, but if you haven’t come across them, they produce 100% natural, organic baby foods in foil pouches with handy re-sealable lids. I think they do other stuff too, but all I’ve tried so far are the pouches. What a time-saver! I still intend to make my own food for Baby J, but for those days where time just vanishes (every day…), these pouches are perfect.

So far, we’ve just been squidging small amounts of food onto a baby spoon (Dan makes the aeroplane noise every time), but I have friends with babies who are a little further ahead with their weaning, and they eat it straight from the pouch.

Flavour-wise, I’ve only offered vegetables, as I read somewhere not to introduce fruit for the first two weeks to prevent them developing a sweet tooth and rejecting their veggies later. I’ve also limited her to single flavours so far, to try and gauge what she does and doesn’t like. If she’s anything like her parents, there won’t be much she doesn’t like! So far, parsnip has been the biggest winner, with sweet potato coming a close second.

Weaning is messy (as expected) but also really fun! Here’s the collection of tools I arm myself with before each feed:

1)      Highchair – I bought the Mothercare Bear and Friends highchair. I had to pre-order it as it’s really popular, but it was worth the wait! *Review to come!*

2)      Baby food – As I said, Ella’s Kitchen. Win!

3)      Spoon – I picked up a pack of these Tommee Tippee weaning spoons from Mothercare. They’re quite shallow and have rubbery edges for little mouths.

4)      Bowl – Again, I found this in Mothercare. It came as part of a pack of three and they have coloured strips which turn white if the food is too hot. I pretty much just rest the spoon in the bowl between mouthfuls at the moment, but I’m sure the colour change feature will be useful later on.

5)      Weaning bibs – Mothercare again (I spend too much time in that shop). These bibs are bigger than standard bibs and have a waterproof back. Great for protecting little clothes. Plus, I love the cute slogans on them.

6)      Wipes – I use either water wipes or a damp cloth for wiping her mouth when she’s finished. I also use them for wiping fingers mid-feed when she tries to grab/fling the loaded spoon…

7)      Muslin cloth – There’s pretty much always a muslin cloth involved in any baby-related activity.

8)      Sippy cup with water – She seems to have the hang of this, which surprised me, as she never took a bottle. This is a free-flow cup that I picked up in Boots.

9)      Umbrella

Do you have any tips from weaning your little one? I’d love to hear them.


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