We bought a house!

We said we’d never do it. We’ve just done it. We bought a house.

I still can’t quite believe it. I’ve always liked the freedom that comes with renting; never being tied down to one building, one town, one country. If you want, you can just up and leave in a month and pop up somewhere else. Poof!

No longer. Nope, we’ve tamed our flighty natures (for the time being) and bought a house of our very own. The trigger was when our landlord increased our rent significantly and we resented paying so much to live in a damp, mouldy house with threadbare carpets and a garden with no fences. We knew it made sense to pay into a mortgage rather than wasting money renting, so we decided to take the plunge and get ourselves on the property ladder.

So we’re pretty much there with the unpacking. Never, ever, enter the spare room though. It’s absolute carnage. Full of boxes and general stuff. I just like to shut the door and forget about it.

We decided to replace our bedside tables when we moved, and discovered a fantastic furniture shop. It has a lot furniture from Indonesia, and is exactly the style both Dan and I love (did you see my post on our travels to Indonesia?). If money and space weren’t such an issue, we would have bought the whole shop. As it was we just bought these awesome bedside cabinets made from reclaimed boat wood from Bali. I love the fact that they’re slightly different to one other and totally unique.

Curtains have turned out to be the biggest pain ever. It’s so hard to buy curtains. Why?! We’ve been moved in a week, but we’re still darting between windows when we get up in the morning, half-dressed, trying to avoid being seen by the builders working on the houses that surround us.

We’ve finally got round to getting some hooks to put things on the walls, so it’s all looking like its coming together a bit more now. Here are a few snaps of the house so far…





Have you moved house recently or are you thinking of moving?



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  1. Hi Claire, how exciting you’ve bought your first house!! We too are in the very early stages of buying a brand new house off plan. I can’t quite believe I’m moving away from the victoriana/georgian style I’m used to, but the brand new cleanliness is something I can’t wait for! Congratulations again x

    1. Thanks Lin! That’s exciting for you! We’re so happy with our house, just knowing any dirt is our own makes everything seem better! Plus no black mould issue in this one… yay! Are you still going to be in the same area? Or even closer to the beach?! Good luck with it 🙂 xxxx

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