Back from a break…

I’m back! I had a break from my blog, but not by choice. I’ve had no internet for a few weeks (which in this day and age is not an easy thing) and all because… WE MOVED HOUSE!

Gosh, such a lot has happened over the last few weeks. I’ll kind of summarise here, but I’ll be writing a few separate posts too; for the move, an update on weaning Baby J, and a review of my new Mothercare Bear and Friends Highchair.

So, we moved house. It’s been tough moving with a baby, but we did it! We’re in! We’re not quite straight yet, but as long as you don’t go into the spare room, it kind of looks like it’s getting there.

Baby J has changed so much in the last few weeks. She’s sleeping well in her cot bed (we’ve actually got a proper bedtime routine going on now), she hit 6 months (say whaaaaat?!) so has graduated from pram to pushchair, and we’ve also started weaning her, which I’m really excited about.

Both of my cats have been in and out of the vets. My blind old cat Betty had a scan of her abdomen as the vet suspected she may have a tumour, but thankfully it came back all clear. Then, during the move, my other cat who has a damaged jaw, vomited. This caused him all sorts of problems as his mouth doesn’t actually open properly. He ended up not eating for a week, on a drip, needing daily injections, and being syringe fed. Thankfully he is much better now.

I still haven’t started doing any exercise (see my scribbles on my half-hearted exercise plans) it’s on my ‘to do’ list. Later. My diet still consists of far too much sugar. I’m really happy that it’s summer and warm, and that on some days, the sun even shines (not today. Today it has rained all day)!

Other than that, things are just ticking along pretty nicely.

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  1. Congratulations on moving house!!! Amazing! We’re actually just now starting the process of looking for a new home ourselves- it is OVERWHELMING, to say the least! But so exciting (and much needed- our house now is tiny).


    1. Hi Katie, Thanks so much for your lovely message! It is so exciting but so worth it once you’re in and settled! Good luck with the house search, I hope it’s not too much of a long process for you! Claire xx

    1. Hi Rosie, Thank you so much for your kind message! I’ve been a bit slack with posting lately due to having no internet, but hopefully that will be sorted this week! Thanks for reading xo

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