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I’m still finding my feet as a new blogger, so I was keen to take part in the #bloggerschallenge set by @themumzilla on Twitter. Basically, you choose your five favourite things, take a photo of them, and write about why they made your list.

I think the idea is that you choose actual items from your house, otherwise Baby J and Dan would top the list, obvo.

So, I had a little think and I’ve come up with my list of 5 things. I’ve tried to mix it up a little, so have gone for my favourite things to drink, eat, read and wear… and then I panicked for the last one and just picked a random object.

Here goes…

1. To drink: TEA

So, I drink a lot of tea! I love it. I need it. If I don’t drink it, I get a headache… this is my body’s way of signalling to me that I’ve been neglecting its caffeine needs. My top choice of tea is good old English Breakfast… strong with a small dash of milk, thanks. And maybe a biscuit or five to go with it?

I’ve got a little selection of tea in my cupboard. A whole shelf is dedicated to it. I have:

            • English Breakfast – the boss
            • Earl Grey – for when I’m feeling posh
            • Green tea – ugh, I literally never drink this – I bought it on a health kick. Probably expired in 2010
            • Jasmine Green – discovered it when I was in Indonesia, love it
            • Moroccan Mint – I drank so much of this is Marrakech. It’s the only tea that should be taken with sugar!
            • Peppermint and liquorice – someone gave me this when I had awful morning sickness
            • Loose leaf – fun to brew but then you have to wash the strainer. Lazy, moi?
            • Sari Wangi – this is Dan’s, he brought it back from Malaysia. I’m not too fussed about it
            • Decaff. – left over from when I was pregnant and trying to limit my caffeine intake
            • Flavoured herbal tea – a selection of individually wrapped teabags stolen from a hotel room. Don’t say you haven’t done it!


2. To eat: SUGAR

Now, I don’t mean just sugar, like I don’t sit down with the bag of white granulated sugar and a spoon for my afternoon snack. I mean pretty much anything that contains sugar. Before having Baby J I had a sweet tooth, but since having her, my sugar consumption has skyrocketed! Is it just me? Is it breastfeeding? Whatever it is, it’s not doing me much good; I had to have fillings a few weeks ago.

Cake, sweets, chocolate, puddings, marmalade…all of my favourite things to eat! I should probably try to cut down. I’ll work on that. I’ll start tomorrow. Wait, I’ll start Monday – no point in starting something new if it’s not a Monday.


3. To read: PEACE AT LAST by Jill Murphy

Ok, so this is a children’s book, but it’s my favourite for sure. I read it to Baby J most nights. I don’t really need to read it as I know it off by heart, but I like looking at the pictures! It’s actually a book from my childhood; I raided my parents’ loft when I was pregnant and brought it home.

Peace At Last is about Mr Bear, who can’t get to sleep because Mrs Bear is snoring, so he tries sleep in other parts of the house and garden, but can’t get off to sleep in any of them due to various noises. Eventually he ends up going back to his own bed, where he finally falls asleep – just before the alarm clock goes off! It’s a lovely book with wonderful pictures.



Alright, so I don’t exactly wear this often, but it is my favourite item of clothing by far! It seems such a shame that you get this amazing dress and wear it once, then that’s it, banished to the wardrobe in the spare room forever! Sometimes I take it out and have a look at it. I really do love it. If I could get away with doing my supermarket shop whilst wearing it, I would.  Realistically though, I’m not sure I’d fit into it now.

When I set out to buy my wedding dress, I said I wanted something simple, classy, understated. What I actually chose was a big, sparkly, lacy masterpiece, with a long train to boot! I know some people sell their dresses once they’re married, but I’m hanging onto mine forever.


5. Random thing in my house: My shisha pipe

I don’t actually smoke it, it’s just ornamental. Bits of blue paint flake off when you touch it, and the top doesn’t stay on properly, but I really like it! It just looks cool in my living room.


So, that’s me done for the #bloggingchallenge. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! These were a few of my favourite things! What’re yours?

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