Looking back on May…

May was quite a busy month for us. Baby J had to go to hospital, then Dan got ill. We had a visit from Baby J’s Grandma and a trip to the spa. Oh, and we bought a house!

Baby J had to go to hospital

This was scary. And horrible. Thankfully everything’s totally fine now, but at the time it was awful. We’d been out for lunch with a large group of other mums, dads and babies and had a really good time. Usually it’s just the mums and babies that meet up, but this particular meeting was arranged over a weekend so that the dads could come along and meet one another too. We went to a pub which was a great meeting point as it had space to accommodate our large group and its pushchairs.

Later that day, Baby J woke up from a nap feeling very hot. I have one of those ear thermometers like the doctor uses, so we checked her temperature and she had a high fever. We also noticed a slight pinprick rash developing on her skin, so we looked on the NHS website and it advised calling the doctor or 111. Of course, it was Saturday evening, so we phoned 111 who advised us to go to the hospital to have her checked out.

So off we went; two worried parents with our hot little girl. We were seen fairly quickly and Baby J was given a thorough examination. The doctors told us she probably had a virus and there wasn’t actually much that we could do for her other than giving her Calpol and keeping her cool. They kept us in hospital for a few hours and let us go home once they were happy with her. It was a pretty stressful night. Baby J’s temperature continued to rise, and I felt like I couldn’t go to sleep in case her high fever caused her to seizure while I was sleeping, so I just stayed awake watching her. Eventually her temperature started to go down, and in a couple of days she was back to her normal cheery self.

The whole thing was quite frightening, but we’re grateful to the staff at the hospital who were so good with her, and most of all, we’re grateful that it was nothing more serious.

Then Dan got ill

I don’t know if Dan got ill from Baby J, or whether it was just a coincidence, but he spent the next fortnight trying to fight off some horrible man ‘flu-lurgy thing. He had a fever and had to have a few days off work, so I spent a bit of time playing nursemaid to him, too.

A visit from Baby J’s Grandma and a trip to the spa

After Baby J was born, Dan presented me with two vouchers for a spa day at Sprowston Manor Hotel. He said that I deserved to have some relaxing pampering… I know, I know, he’s one in a million 🙂

So, the spa was booked for May. Dan looked after Baby J for the day (my first day away from her!) and my mum came up to stay with us so she could come with me to the spa. It was good to see my mum and really have the chance to relax and unwind. I love steam rooms, jacuzzis, saunas and swimming pools. The day was perfect. We had a fantastic cream tea in the afternoon and both had facials to top off our pampering session! It was bliss. I was, however, glad to see my little baby girl when I got home.

Oh, and we bought a house!

We got our house purchase finalised! I’m pretty freakin’ excited about having our own house! I literally cannot wait to move in. It’s also given me the push I needed to have a massive clear out of all of the stuff I have and never use. Seriously, the charity pile in my spare room is huge. I’m itching to start packing things up, and even more so to unpack them at the other end! We only have two weeks before move day. Yayyyy!

Baby J is changing every day

Other than that, life has been going on pretty much as normal. Baby J is changing every day. She outgrew her Moses basket, so had to move into her cot, and she’s started rolling over now, too. I don’t think it’ll be much longer until she’s sitting unaided. She started doing some proper little belly laughs recently. It melts my heart! 🙂

Roll on June… we have a visit from Dan’s parents and a house move to complete! Plus, we’re going to start weaning Baby J and she’ll move from her pram to her pushchair. I’ve also ordered a highchair from Mothercare, which I’ll be reviewing. Bring on the summer sun!


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