5 reasons to get out and about

Once you have a baby, sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to leave the house. Pyjama days can seem increasingly appealing the longer you stay inside. I find, however, that once I make the effort to get myself up, showered, dressed, and out and about, I feel much better.

get out

Here, I’ve put together my 5 top reasons to get out and about…

1. You’re likely to meet some awesome Mama friends

I have to be honest, I didn’t expect to make as many friends as I have done. I thought I might meet a couple of other mums at a post natal group and maybe keep in touch, but I didn’t expect to meet so many lovely people in the same boat as me. Every new activity I do with Baby J is another opportunity to meet other mums, be it Post-natal Group, Baby Massage, Baby Swimming, Bounce and Babble… the list goes on!

Generally, these mums are in the same situation; new mum, first baby, finding their feet, not really knowing what’s expected of them, their old friends are busy working, and they’re glad of someone to talk to. Making new friends at these groups has been a really positive experience for me. We tend to have similar concerns, questions and worries, so can advise one another and share our experiences. It’s also an excuse for tea and cake… perfect!

2. The fresh air and exercise will make you feel better

It just does. Even a simple trip around the park for ten minutes can be enough to lift your spirits. A change of scene can work wonders to improve your mood if you’re feeling a bit lazy; particularly now that the weather’s getting warmer, the sun is shining and the blossom is on the trees. We all know that exercise is proven to give our mood a lift and boost our energy levels, so why wait?! It doesn’t need to be a five mile hike; a stroll to the local shop can be beneficial.

3. It provides socialisation and stimulation for your baby

Getting out and about isn’t just good for us mums. Our babies also benefit from a change of scene and from meeting other adults and children. In the early days, just some fresh air is probably good, but as the babies get older, they really start to take an interest in their surroundings and interact with others. I’m no expert, but surely exposing babies to different experiences helps their brains develop as they explore new sensations and situations.

4. It can add structure to your day

Some days I find I reeaaally need a bit of structure, otherwise it’s dinner time before I know it, and I’m still not dressed! Arranging to meet some friends at a set time, planning to go to the shop to get ingredients for dinner, or just heading out for a stroll to break up the afternoon can really help to add structure to the day. Time really does fly once you’ve had a baby, but I always feel better about the day when I can say I’ve actually done something or seen someone, rather than having the days just slide by, and roll into one.

5. You can get a little perspective

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that if I haven’t been out of the house for a couple of days, all those niggly little problems  seem increasingly big and bad! For me, getting out, meeting some friends, going for a walk, or just taking Baby J to a coffee shop for an hour, allows me to clear my head a little and somehow puts things into perspective. Once I’ve been out, those things that I might have been stressing over either don’t seem so bad any more, or I feel more like tackling them once I get home.

So, those were my top 5 reasons to get out and about. I’d love to hear yours! 🙂

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