Scribbles on (half-hearted) exercise plans

Haha! I’m literally laughing as I write this! Exercise has never been my friend. I’ve tried my hand at a few different types of exercise but never settled on anything. Basically, I’m unfit and lazy, but always with the intention of doing some kind of exercise sometime… soon.

I tried running a couple of times. This ended up being mainly walking. I felt like I might have ruptured an ovary. Running is not for me.

I went to the badminton court for a trial session. I literally could not have looked more uncoordinated if I tried. Seriously. Hand-eye coordination fail.

I tried adult ballet. I quite enjoyed the half of the lesson spent doing exercises at the barre. The half that required actual dancing and remembering a routine was hopeless.

I like tennis and think that I’m not actually toooo bad. Until I play someone who can actually play, that is, and then I realise that I’m not actually very good at all.

Before I got pregnant with Baby J, I had joined a pole fitness class. I had completed levels one and two and was just starting out on level 3. Admittedly I wasn’t great at pole dancing (mainly due to the lack of coordination and upper body strength), but I did really enjoy it. Since having a baby, I haven’t returned to the pole. I just don’t think my stomach muscles are quite ready for that again!

So, my latest exercise plan is to swim! Now, I can’t actually swim very well. I can kind of muster some type of doggy paddle and splash about, but feel that if I attempt the breaststroke I’ll probably do it all wrong and look ridiculous. So, my plan is to book a few adult swimming lessons to gain confidence in my technique, and then start going to the local pool regularly. I’ve heard that swimming is gentle, low impact, and very good for you. We’ll see how far I get with that. I’ll come back with an update!

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