Rome, Italy

Rome was our first holiday destination as a couple. What a fine choice! Rome is certainly a city for romance, and will always hold a special place in my heart. The orange houses in the centre, each with their wooden window shutters, balconies spilling over with plants nestled in ceramic pots, the buzz of the tourists as they take in the endless delights that the city has to offer. I love Rome.

And when in Rome… well, you do all the touristy things, surely?! We did. We packed in all of the major sites, feasted on the DELICIOUS cuisine (seriously, Italian food is hard to beat, no?), and took HUNDREDS of photos! I’ve siphoned off a few of my favourites here…

  • The Colosseum

image1 (2)rightsize

Well this one obviously makes the list! The iconic building of Rome. Until I got there I simply couldn’t imagine what this would look like. It’s immense. Colossal, if you will. To think that so many Roman Gladiators and wild animals were essentially massacred for entertainment in the place where you are standing is hard to get your head around. The architecture is breath-taking and really makes you stop and think about what an immense undertaking building a structure such as that must have been.

  • The Pope

The Pope

We had a day at The Vatican, and this just so happened to be the day that The Pope was doing his public address. To be honest, he was far away beyond the crowds, but we can say we saw him, nonetheless. There are many museums in the Vatican City, several of which we visited. The architecture and detail in the churches was stunning. We both agreed that no photo we took could ever do it justice.

  • Bruschetta


This. Just this. So simple, yet one of my favourite things to eat in the world (I say this about a lot of food). There is something special about eating Bruschetta in Italy. I often have it as a starter if we’re eating out in the UK, but seriously, nothing can beat a true Italian bread and tomato masterpiece!

  • The Trevi Fountain


The Trevi Fountain, or Fontana di Trevi, was built in the 1700’s.  It was my favourite place to visit in Rome. We were lucky to be staying in a hotel just a short stroll away, which meant we had plenty of visits here, both day and night. It is traditional to throw a coin into the fountain’s waters, so of course we obliged.

  • My rose 🙂


I still have my rose to this day; I dried it and keep the petals in a wooden box we bought in Rome. Dan bought it for me from a street vendor on an evening that saw us drinking too much wine in a live jazz bar! Awwwwww. It is the city of romance, after all!



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