Nailing a bedtime routine

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Bedtime routine? What’s that?! Up until now we haven’t had one. Dan and I are both night owls and Baby J has been going to bed at the same time as us, usually around midnight. It was working well and suiting our lifestyle. Baby J was sleeping through until about 5am, waking for a feed, and going back to sleep until around 9.30am. Recently though, she has been sleeping solidly on Dan’s chest in the evenings, which would be fine, except we have to wake her to change her nappy and get her into her pyjamas. This she does not like. Cue angry crying. Because of this, we’ve recently started trying to establish some kind of routine to get her to bed earlier.

It’s been a bit hit and miss to be honest, but we’ve been managing to get her to bed at around 10pm. We’ve been taking it in turns to read her a bedtime story while she has her last feed. Instead of buying new books, each of us collected our old childhood favourites from our parents’ houses. I’ve been reading old, moth-eaten copies of Blackberry Farm stories, while Dan has been reading the Peter Rabbit stories, from books of a similar condition to mine. Baby J is generally too busy feeding to pay attention, or is already asleep, but Dan and I have been enjoying the stories if nothing else!

Once we’ve got her to sleep, we’ve been using our Angel Care baby monitor and sensor pad for peace of mind. But yes, I do still creep upstairs to check on her. All. The. Time. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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